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Danielle's Success Story

Danielle had just moved to the UK from the US in early 2015 and was searching hard for a new job. She found a job posting for a civil service position that required an online test. But, she was having trouble finding information about what the test entailed.

"The job posting didn’t tell me what I really needed to know," Danielle recounted. "It’s never that simple.”

So she decided to do some research online. "I investigated some ways to prepare and pass, and I came across JobTestPrep."

According to Danielle, finding JobTestPrep's resources was critical. She was able to take situational judgement tests that "gave me actual situations based on job experience." Moreover, she notes, "the preparation I found at JobTestPrep was exactly like what was on the test."

Danielle especially credits JobTestPrep’s informative content and customized practice tests for her success.

“Just being able to understand what the test required and what I needed to do to pass this test was essential," she explained. "JobTestPrep’s practice tests enabled me to get the job."

Danielle has since been working at her now job in the UK and loving it. And she believes you can find similar success with JobTestPrep's products too.

"I would definitely recommend JobTestPrep," Danielle stressed. "I would tell anyone taking a similar exam to turn to them." 



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