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Karen's Success Story

Karen was working as a veterinary nurse when she decided to go back to university and advance her career by becoming a paramedic.

To become a paramedic, however, Karen knew she would need to pass a number of mathematical tests. Unfortunately, math had never been her strong suit.

"My math skills were always lacking," she said. "I always did poorly on math in high school, and the administration even told me to drop out."

Luckily, she discovered JobTestPrep's numerical reasoning practice tests and was able to enter into her interviews feelings confident.

"The questions that JobTestPrep provided were in the same exact style as those that I saw on the interview and during the testing process," Karen explained. "The answer explanations were extremely helpful. They allowed me to review the solutions and work through the problems at my own pace."

And sure enough, within a couple of weeks of taking her numerical reasoning test, she saw results.

"JobTestPrep helped me get my position within a few weeks of applying. I had two interviews and was offered both positions.”

Karen says that she is not only happily employed as a paramedic but that she feels much more content with her math abilities.

“Math is a big part of my job, and now after all the studying I did for the exam, I’m much more confident in my math skills.”

"As someone who dropped out of math class in 10th grade, I'm really happy about that," she added.

Karen strongly recommends JobTestPrep, stressing she would have "had a lot of trouble" passing her numerical tests without its quality practice materials.


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